We are currently living in Chile, helping out with a new ministry that is starting here in the city of Calama, in the northern part of the country. Our work here consists of guiding teens and young adults into knowing God and having a direct relationship with Him. We are also planning social work projects in which we want to work with kids and teens from complicated neighborhoods, cleaning the city, street evangelism and promoting family recreational activities.

We decided to leave all of our things and our families to do God's will and take his Word to those who need it. Our work is voluntary, we don't receive any money from it. We both have side jobs, Nico works in graphic design, photography and media and I (Fio) give English lessons online, but the income we receive from it is not enough to sustain us. We receive support from our family and friends who believe in our vision and want to be part of this mission. We are currently looking for 30 people to support with USD$20 per month to help cover our expenses. This amount will help us cover monthly expenses such as housing, food, personal hygiene products, transportation, health and ministry funds. 

If you are willing to support us in any way or just want to know more about our plans and projects don't hesitate to contact us and we can send you photos, videos and updates of what we're currently doing. We would love to hear from you! Please fill in the form below and we will write you back as soon as possible. God bless you!


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If you want more information about what we're doing feel free to contact us.