What is a DTS and how did it change my life?

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As many of you know my husband Nicolas and I are christian missionaries.

What do we mean by missionary?

We work full-time for the church (not a building, nor a temple), as Jesus’s hands and feet. We go where we feel God is calling us and we do what need to be done. It could be working for a church (now I am talking about a ministry with a temple), serving in a missions organization, doing evangelism on the streets and social work, etc…All without financial remuneration. The one that sustains us is God!

Ok, so let’s continue.

We haven’t always been missionaries, we weren’t always “little saints” (we don’t believe we are now either), we didn’t always put God first in our lives.

In 2013, I was 21 years old. I had been out of school for 3 years and I was totally lost. I didn’t know what to study (I started 2 careers and a technical course and didn’t finish any of them). I didn’t last more than 3 months in a job and I was depressed, to the point where it almost took me to commit suicide. My life was a total disaster. That was when my parents offered me to pay for a plane ticket and a DTS at a YWAM base.


YWAM or Youth With A Mission is an international and interdenominational missions organization. My parents had known about YWAM since they were around 20 years old and I was like 3, and even though they told me several times to do a school in YWAM I never felt that “being a missionary” was for me.

But that last time they offered to pay for a DTS I thought what do I have to lose? My life was a disaster. If I went and nothing happened, my life would be the same. But if I went and something happened, I gained something. So I decided to go.



DTS is a Discipleship Training School. It’s 5 months of training in which 3 of those months you receive classes every morning and afternoon about who God is, how He is, and how to have a relationship with Him. The last 2 months of school are practice period where you have to do either in the same country your doing your DTS or some other country. During this outreach you have to practice everything that you learned during the first 3 months of school.

I decided to go to  Santiago, Chile to do my DTS. I had to live with 9 roommates (all girls) from 9 different nationalities in a house with one bathroom. You all know how long us women take to get ready, now imagine 10 girls in a house with only one bathroom. Aside from us there were also 4 guys in our school (they lived in a separate house). The first few weeks of school were very difficult for me. In high school and at work I always had problems because people were very judgemental and they made up stories about me that weren’t even true and guess what, the same thing happened to me at this school. I even almost got kicked out. I wanted to go home. And in the moment I told God that if he didn’t do anything about it I would go back home, things started to happen. God started speaking to my heart, He started changing the way I thought, He took me to forgive people I hadn’t forgiven, He showed me where I was sinning, and I was able to repent. He restores me. He healed me. He loved me. And the most wonderful part of all is that I fell in love with God. In that moment I knew that I didn’t want to do anything other than serve God with my life.


During DTS

I forgot to tell you, before doing my DTS I didn’t have any hopes or dreams. I didn’t aspire to being anything. I didn’t have any goals. All I ever wanted was to get married and have a family of my own.

The first 3 months passed by and we went to our outreach. I remember we were at a church one day, I was praying, and a friend and DTS classmate came up to me and said “God says your time of sacrifice is over, now it’s your time to receive.” In that moment I didn’t really know what that meant. I knew I had given up all of this for God, but what was I going to receive? I wasn’t expecting to receive anything back. About three days passed by and they invited us to a BBQ from another church in a small town in the north of Chile called Chiu Chiu. That day, in the BBQ, I met the guy who became my husband. Nico wasn’t going to church at the time. He knew about God but he was totally separated from all things related to God. He worked at a night club, he was the MC. He smoked, he drank, he did drugs. The day after that he came to church by God’s will (that’s another story for another day). That same day in the afternoon we (the missionaries) were leaving to another city to continue with our outreach. Nico accompanied us to the bus and before I got on he said “If I ask you to marry me will you stay? Obviously I said no, but his question circled in my head.  He felt and was completely sure that I was going to be his wife and for several weeks he kept repeat to me through Whatsapp that I WAS GONNA BE HIS WIFE. So I started praying, because I didn’t want to fall in love if it wasn’t God’s will for me to marry him. I didn’t want to fall in love in vain. Finally my DTS graduation came along and my family came to Chile.


After DTS

We decided to travel to Calama so my family could meet Nico and his family. It was then when Nico proposed and after having been praying for weeks about it I said yes. I went back to my country to say goodbye to my extended family and 5 months later I returned to Chile to marry Nico.

God gave what I desired most; and I know the family will come soon. My husband has changed so much for the better and now we work full time as missionaries. My life finally has meaning and I feel I have a purpose. My life changed completely and I owe it all to God, who changed my heart during my DTS.


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